Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chester Weinberg's Ruffles

Chester Weinberg studied at New Yorks's Parsons School of Design, then went on to work at various Seventh Avenue dress manufacturers. In the 1950s he was the co-designer at Leonard Arkin, then moved to Herbert Sondheim.  In 1966 he started his own label, going into business with William Parnes, son of Paul Parnes, and Edward Parnes, his cousin. He became known for his simple and elegant designs, of which the fabrics were always an important part of the design. Chester Weinberg closed in 1975, but he continued to work for the Jones Apparel Group and he freelanced for Ballentyne Cashmere. In the 1980s he was design director at Calvin Klein Jeans. (Text taken from Vintage Fashion Guild)

 U.S. Vogue January 15, 1968
(left) Ruffled on down, a raspberry and yellow print, side-wrapped and a smooth high neckband (right) High bowed sash, a gathered skirt with a dust-ruffle in yellow printed in pale blue and mauve.

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