Friday, May 23, 2014

A Family Affair: The Van Raalte Company

Brothers Emanuel and Zealie Van Raalte in 1907, established the E & Z Van Raalte Company in New York City. In 1910, in Paterson, New Jersey, they established the first American veil-producing factory. The business became so successful that by 1920 it was the largest silk-veiling and net factory in the world and branched out to manufacture and sell silk jersey cloth, gloves, underwear, and hosiery. By 1920, they had 12 factories throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and sold its products through all of the upscale department stores of the day and they became known for their high level of quality. 

Van Raalte 1953 lingerie Ad
Veruschka posing in a Van Raalte blue silk and black lace ribbon chemise
 Vogue, September 1965
Van Raalt 1954 lingerie Ad
Van Raalte 1959 lingerie Ad
Van Raalte 1954 stocking Ad

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