Monday, March 10, 2014

The One Who Started It All: Paul Poiret

 French Designer Paul Poiret (1879-1944) 
A fashion genius from the Art Deco movement, his artistic flair, coupled with his exceptional and original designing skills enabled him to translate the spirit of the era into revolutionary garments. I can really appreciate the importance of Poiret’s one-of-a-kind innovations - beyond fantastic.

Paul Poiret Satin trimmed with silk velvet evening dress, 1933Victoria and Albert Museum
There's plenty of information on-line about Paul Poiret life; which is why I decided to only discuss my personal feelings about the designer and his clothes. I love the Edwardian into the 1930's fashion-style and everything about the Art Deco period. It's just so appealing and Paul Poiret designs has made my fascination much stronger. His classical design is uniquely his own signature.

I love the sleeves on this exquisite Paul Poiret floral design gown, circa 1920's 

Evening Gown

On exhibit in 2012 at The Moscow Kremlin Museum, titled  "Poiret - King of Fashion"

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