Thursday, March 20, 2014

Style Moment: David Bowie

Just a few words about the legend ..... Original, Fascinating, Diverse, Fashion Icon, Mysterious, Actor, Rock & Roll, Innovator, English, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer, Musician, Outrageous, Punk, Husband, Father, Risk-Taker

David Bowie,  Photo by David Wedgbury, 1966

Davie Bowie, Photo by Terry O’Neill, 1974

David Bowie cover for his Space Oddity USA sheet music, 1969
A young Bowie sporting a purple velvet jacket  and  a hippie-style fringe bag
David Bowie with ex-wife Angie wearing a pair of loose-fitting,
wide-legged Oxford baggy trousers and floppy hat, 1970's

David Bowie in a 2013 photo

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