Friday, December 13, 2013

Living Legend: Nichelle Nichols

There is classic black beauties Pearl Bailey, Diahann Caroll and Eartha Kitt but there is also actress, dancer, and singer Nichelle Nichols who toured with Duke Ellington and his band at the age of 17. She also danced with Sammy Davis, Jr. in the 1959 movie "Porgy and Bess" and in 1961 starred in the musical Kicks & Co. In the 1960's she starred in several T.V. shows and join the cast of Star Trek in 1966 as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. 

Check out those amazing dancer abs
While doing my research I came across a 2010 interview with Nichelle on "Archive of American Television" website. She was born December 28, 1932 and discusses how she got the name Nichelle, her first professional job at age 14 performing at Chicago's Sherman House Hotel, growing up in musical theater and her days in the cabaret and club scene and how she met Duke Ellington. She also speaks about her meeting Star Trek show's creator, Gene Roddenberry and the scene where her character kisses William Shatner's character.

At home looking very sexy and sultry

I couldn't believe how much I didn't know about this Star Trek cast member. She has a beautiful singing voice and does a great impersonation of her friend Pearl Bailey, it's hilarious. It's a great interview and I enjoyed hearing about her fascinating and interesting life and her description of her experiences with black performers she met and worked with. 

The interview is broken up into four parts - you can choose which one is more of interest to you or listen to the entire interview here at Enjoy!

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