Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Power of Prints and Patterns

When browsing vintage shops and sorting through the overflowing racks of clothes, before I even know what the garment is, it’s the graphic prints and bold patterns sticking out from the racks that makes me start pulling and grabbing at pieces. The fabric, cuts, and construction of the clothes are pretty incredible, but it’s because of the psychedelic, geometric and mix-matched prints and the paisley and floral patterns that draw my eyes to a specific garment.

Vogue Women's Magazine, January 1968

Fabric prints and patterns can represent an era or a decade and reveal much about our culture. The 1960’s was one of the extremes and is what has influenced designers and styles we see today. Whether you prefer a classic look or modern you can always find a fabric print that works for you.
Model Jean Shrimpton,  Photo by David Bailey, 1965
Ebony Magazine, September 1968

Checkered print clothes in the 1960's had that retro and MOD vibe to them and have recently become very popular showing up on the runway of numerous 2013 Spring/Summer collections and featured in many fashion ad campaigns.

 Paisley dress by Miss Bergdorf - Photo by Tom Palumbo 1950's

Probably the print of the 60's era aside from floral, paisley prints was found on all kinds of clothing and accessories. This swirling raindrop shape motif is one of my favorite prints especially on blouses and scarves.
 Photo by Melvin Sokolsky, Harper Bazaar 1962

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  1. hi there! I found your blog via Vintage Gazer - so good to see another 60s fashion lover. These wonderful outfits are so fab - they remind me of Zandra Rhodes and her floaty watercolour designs.
    All the best! xo