Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MENSWEAR: Give Credit Where Credits Due - Part I

I am an admirer of menswear from the 1950's and 1960's as much as I am of women vintage fashion; with the sixties British trends standing out as one of my favorite of men's vintage fashion. I have long had an eye for men clothing and continue to sought them out at flea markets and vintage shows searching for savvy coats, jackets, sweaters and button-down shirts. I also like the extra room and longer proportion of men's clothing getting a more relaxed feel; at the same time getting a chic and stunning feminine effect. The fashion in the photos can definitely be part of my wardrobe.

Singer Sonny Bono wearing a  Nehru collar jacket and matching straight leg pants both done in a elegant
 swirl pattern print and possibly made from a knit fabric, circa 1960's
Musician and Beatles drummer Ringo Starr,  circa 1960's

  1960's men fashion was stylish and fit them well, and not only did their shirts contain bright and bold colors, stripes, plaids and paisley print patterns, but their slim-fit tailored suits did too.
English band "Status Quo" rocking some very fashionable and unique MOD jackets, circa 1960's 
Singer Jimi Hendrix wearing one of his signature-style military jackets, circa 1960's
Elvis Presley boarding a private jet with wife Priscilla wearing a classic "English sixties look" black tailored-cut
double-breasted suit.
 Photo by Bob Flora, Cinema Archive, 1967 
Musician Davy Jones (The Monkees) wearing a beautiful dark blue shirt and a multi-colored
paisley print shirt in shades of blue, cream, yellow and red, circa 1960's
Singer Nat King Cole looking very dapper and sophisticated posing in a classic shiny
sharkskin dark colored suit, circa 1950's
Singer Mick Jagger posing in a soft fur, dark brown wrap style coat with a self-tie belt  
Photo by Bered Mandowitz, 1966
Singer/Actor Harry Belafonte in a promotion shot for the 1954 Broadway musical "Almanac" wearing some incredible pants in shades of orange and cream stripes on a brown and a beige shirt both possibly made from a lightweight rayon and/or linen fabric - Photo by Carl Van Vechten

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  1. I love vintage mens fashion too, especially the 1960s. Elvis looks AMAZING in that mod suit too. Great post. xxx