Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DESIGNER PROFILE: Herrera y Ollero

Spanish designers Rafael Herrera and Enrique Ollero met in Madrid in 1948 became partners and founded the firm "Herrera y Ollero" and presented their first collection in 1952.  During that time the Spanish generally worked with only private clients, but those who had been working with American stores had proved themselves able to cope with the demands of the retailers, including  Herrera y Ollero when they combined forces with Bonwit Teller who had branches all around U.S. In 1965, they designed a collection of coats, suits and gowns for the retailer and their designs were confined exclusively to Bonwit Teller. Palm Beach Daily News, March 1965 issue 

circa 1950's, Model and Herrera y Ollero
Dress designs from the House of Herrera y Ollero, 1960
Italian actress Eleonora Rossi Drago and Herrera y Ollero, circa 1960's

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