Friday, October 4, 2013

A Carrying Case With A Purpose

I have fallen in love with these lovely vintage travel cases. To me there fashionable oversize handbags with revealing color interiors like greens, blues, purples, reds and lined in incredible leather, silk, velvet or cream canvas fabrics. Not only are they convenient and adorable, they of course can be used for the purpose they were made for; to utilized as a chic travel accessory or as a top-hand handle purse to dress up a casual look adding some glamour for both purposes.

1950's "Samsonite" Luggage Ad

1950's "Samsonite" Carry-On Make-Up Case on Etsy

Woman sporting a hatbox - Photo by Nina Leen, August 1951

1950's Blue Travel Case 1950's Green on Etsy                                       "Aero Park by Steward" Case on Etsy
1950's Gray "Lady Balitmore" Travel Case on Etsy                                 1955 "Lady Balitimore" Luggage Ad

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